Fully decentralized, composable and dynamic federation of heterogeneous IoT platforms.


Facilitates deployment of smart cooperative behavior leveraging modular Artificial Intelligence features, enabling dynamic deployment to IoT devices in edge/cloud IoT environments.


Holistic end-to-end trust framework in dynamic and distributed IoT scenarios.
Products to embed privacy-awareness and privacy control features in IoT solutions.


Critical Water Infrastructure Monitoring and Control use case focuses on the management of the water urban cycle in metropolitan environment of Coruña.


Service Robotics use case will involve several robotic platforms, like the open-source Robotics Operating System (ROS), which need to collaborate to scan a given warehouse and to assist humans in a logistics domain.
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The BRAIN-IoT project

BRAIN-IoT aims at establishing a framework and methodology that supports smart autonomous and cooperative behaviors of populations of heterogeneous IoT platforms that are also closely interacting with Cyber-Physical systems (CPS). BRAIN-IoT will employ highly dynamic federations of heterogeneous IoT platforms, mechanisms enforcing privacy and data ownership policies as well as open semantic models enabling interoperable operations and exchange of data and control features. Brain-IoT will also offer model-based tools easing the development of innovative, tightly integrated IoT and CPS solutions.

MEDUSA Project

Our partner EMALCSA presents the MEDUSA project (: Uber Water Systems Simulation Platform). BRAIN-IoT technologies will be integrated into this platform.  

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