The BRAIN-IoT strategic objectives

The technical objectives will be pursued in conjunction with the following Strategic Objectives (SOs):

  • SO1: to empower final users (both private and corporate) with the capability of deciding which combination of self-hosted or cloud-oriented IoT platforms is most suitable to handle the IoT data they generate and own – as well as with the ability to change the existing (or pre-set) configurations at any time.
  • SO2: to demonstrate the viability of fully decentralized approach through tight cooperation with international open communities and initiatives currently delivering open standards, components and protocols world-wide
  • SO3: to facilitate fair competition among providers of dynamically-reconfigurable, elastic IoT products and services willing to be part of collaborative business eco-systems respectful of users and rightful owners of data.
  • SO4: to show the BRAIN-IoT value in two futuristic scenarios, namely Service Robotics and Critical Infrastructure Management, as well as in joint collaborations with on-going IoT large-scale pilot initiatives.