The Consortium

The BRAIN-IoT Consortium is composed by 12 well-renown partners from 5 European countries, covering a significant part of Europe in terms of culture, excellence of innovation and creativity. Beyond three distinguished research centres/academic partners, it comprises R&D teams from several large, medium and small industrial partners, which ensure a real professional orientation towards business exploitation of the project results. The Consortium includes software architects and computer scientists with recognized expertise in definition and implementation of complex, distributed architectures; experts in standards and regulations; experts in the implementation of software development tools; experts in the development of innovative, reliable and highly scalable distributed solutions; experts in the integration of IoT platforms; and experts in security solutions, as well as experts from end-use scenarios with real operational experience. In this way, it ensures to advance the state-of-the-art in the area of technologies for the integration and federation of smart IoT platforms in challenging, futuristic scenarios requiring actuation, smart behaviour and secure, dependable operations.

The consortium unifies several research groups that have a leading position in their respective fields. Specifically, the coordinating entity ISMB has a long experience in coordination of research projects at EU level, including, among others, projects such as ALMANAC, GreenCom, I-REACT, DEMOGRAPE, FABULUS, CPSwarm, MONSOON, etc. Furthermore, ISMB has a long track record of research and innovation initiatives funded by industrial partners, ensuring the necessary experience for managing such an ambitious project.

The External Stakeholders Group

BRAIN-IoT will engage an External Stakeholder Group (ESG) i.e. a group of external, independent experts of recognized knowledge in different kind of background and area of expertise including robotics, Cyber-Physical systems (CPS), critical infrastructure monitoring, privacy, standards, etc. The ESG will be constructed properly representing all domains and market roles relevant for the BRAIN-IoT goals. ESG experts will be recruited by a public “call for participation” on the project website and will be selected and officially appointed by the Project GA.

To collect ESG recommendations and advises, a minimum of three on-line webinars and two physical meetings will be organized throughout the duration of the project, engaging the ESG members which are more relevant for the specific topic of the meeting. Early meetings will be focused on requirements, while latter meetings will be exploited to collect feedback about proposed concepts and generated results. Experts will participate to the ESG free of charge.

A team composed by International Collaborations Manager, the Project Coordinator, Technical Manager and the Innovation Manager, chaired by the International Collaborations Manager, will be jointly involved in handling relationship with the ESG.