BRAIN-IoT consortium meeting at A Coruña

During October 2nd to 4th, EMALCSA hosted the Consortium meeting of BRAIN-IoT project that aims to establish a framework and methodology supporting smart cooperative behavior in fully de-centralized, combinable and dynamic federations of heterogeneous IoT platforms.

Brain-IoT Consortium at EMALCSA premises


Water Filtration Plant schematic



During this time, the consortium had the opportunity to have a better insight of the Critical Infrastructure Management use case. The team visited several sites of the distributed water infrastructure if the city of A Coruña, including a water dam, a water filtration plant, and a hydraulic lab at the Coruna Innovation and Technology Center CITEEC premises, where BRAIN-IoT solutions will be demonstrated.


During the meeting , the mayor of the city stopped by to meet the BRAIN-IoT team and show his support to the consortium!

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