Kentyou: commercializing BRAIN-IoT results

Kentyou: commercializing BRAIN-IoT results

Kentyou is a start-up launched in 2020 by participants of the BRAIN-IoT project to exploit some of the project results.

Kentyou, launched in 2020 by partners of the BRAIN-IoT project will develop product offerings based on components of the BRAIN-IoT architecture.

The BRAIN-IoT project has, from its onset, been committed to ensuring that the research results and innovations of the project translate into actual impact beyond the research labs. This is illustrated by the work of the project on real-life use cases such as robotics warehouses and critical water infrastructures. But more recently also by the inclusion of a new partner in the consortium, that is a direct result of the project activities. 

The company Kentyou was created in 2020 by the team from CEA (a world leading research institution and BRAIN-IoT partner), after 7 years of research and development activities on the Eclipse sensiNact platform. The company will develop a product offering based on the platform that is used as the Edge Node in the BRAIN-IoT architecture. 

The CEA team was eager to industrialize the results of their research on the IoT platform and to bring it to market. And a new start-up company was the most fitting vehicle, as the CEA mission, as a research centre is to participate in research but not to commercialize products. 

The sensiNact platform, created at CEA, had been transferred earlier as an open-source project under the Eclipse Public Licence. This facilitated the creation of the company, softening any IPR issues while ensuring a sound business model for the company.

The former CEA team was soon complemented by other members of the BRAIN-IoT consortium, as an employee from IDATE and one from Paremus, decided to join the Kentyou start-up. The team now works on the creation of a minimum viable product, based on BRAIN-IoT advances on the sensiNact platform. 

The company is targeting the Smart City market, where the sensiNact platform offers many advantages thanks to its modularity, extensibility, openness, and ability to integrate a large range of protocols. Kentyou plans to use it to develop open digital twin solutions for smart cities. This will allow customer cities to gather and analyse meaningful urban data and enable local innovators to build custom solutions that respond to citizens’ demands.

This will ensure the continuation of the work of the BRAIN-IoT project on the Edge Node component with increasing market opportunities. The other components of the BRAIN-IoT platform, and the work done on the project use case will also continue beyond the project as the consortium is deploying exploitation strategies adapted to the maturity of each component and to market opportunities. 

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