Privacy awareness, risk assessment and control measures in IoT platforms

Privacy awareness, risk assessment and control measures in IoT platforms

We are happy to inform you that the book chapter with the title ”Privacy awareness, risk assessment and control measures in IoT platforms: BRAIN-IoT approach” has been accepted for publication in the IoTSec Open Access Book.

The authors of the paper are our team colleagues Mohammad Rifat Ahmmad Rashid, Xu Tao, Davide Conzon, and Enrico Ferrera.

Recently, seven European Commission funded projects are researching novel security and privacy mechanisms for the Internet of Things, including risk assessment and mitigation schemes. The projects have formed an IoT Security Cluster, as a means of boosting information sharing and collaboration between them. In the scope of the cluster, an initial catalog of IoT Security risk assessment and mitigation techniques has been developed. The purpose of this book is to present detailed information about these techniques and their role in the IoT Security risk management process. In particular, the book introduces the scope and the importance of the IoT security risk assessment, along with some popular state of the art techniques. Accordingly, it provides details for the novel tools and techniques that have been developed by the various projects of the IoT Security Cluster.

BRAIN-IoT is one of the projects of the IoT clusters, in this chapter, the authors first introduce the basic concepts of privacy awareness in IoT systems using GDPR regulations and BRAIN-IoT platform. Then they present the framework for Privacy Impact Assessment using privacy principles presented in GDPR regulations defined by the BRAIN-IoT project. Finally, the chapter presents how this approach can be applied to the BRAIN-IoT Critical Water infrastructure scenario and analyzes the results obtained.

A link to the book and our chapter will be provided as soon as it will be published.

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