WoT activities in the context of BRAIN-IoT

The activities of the W3C Web of Things began with a W3C workshop held in 2014. Two groups were then setup: The WoT Interest Group (IG), which takes care of the PlugFest events, Open Days with presentations, identifying new topics, and liaisons & collaborations., and the WoT Working Group (WG) which is working on the deliverables to be standardized.

The major mission of the W3C Web of Things is to counter the fragmentation in the IoT by adopting Web technologies to describe and complement existing ecosystems. Doing this some technology building blocks will be defined and provided in various deliverables. This includes Use Case & Architecture Document, Thing Description, Scripting API, and Protocol Bindings. It is planned that the Use Case & Architecture and the Thing Description will be submitted for the W3C candidate recommendation in Q1 2019.

Our partner Siemens leads and organizes the work around the Thing Description. In the context of  BRAIN-IoT, we have described the possible usage of WoT and the Thing Description in D2.2 reference architecture (soon available for public download!). Currently, there is the plan to integrate WoT with the SICA platform (from EMALCSA) for the Critical Infrastructure Management use case 1.01.

Regarding implementation aspects, Siemens contributes to the Eclipse thingweb.node-wot project that provides the reference implementation of WoT.

keep tuned to discover more on our work for the WoT!


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